Accidents At Work

Have you had an accident at work? If so, you are one of thousands of individuals who suffer injury as a result of an accident in their workplace each year.

Many in this situation decide not to claim compensation: They blame themselves or they are afraid of getting on the wrong side of their employer.

Even if you are reluctant to pursue compensation, it is always worth getting legal advice: Your injuries may turn out to require long-term treatment or your ability to do your job might be affected. If this is the case, getting the compensation you deserve is essential.

Your Employer's Responsibility To You

Your employer must have insurance to deal with this type of claim, and all businesses are under a legal obligation to maintain certain health and safety standards in the workplace. These safety requirements include:

  • Providing the correct equipment to avoid accidents while doing your job
  • Giving you sufficient training to do your job and use your equipment safely
  • Performing risk assessments to ensure that the equipment, systems of work, the workplace itself and anything else that could affect your health and safety are of a standard that minimises the risk of accidents
  • Implementing and observing adequate safety measures

  • Paying attention to the safety concerns of employees and putting any reasonable suggestions into practice

Free Case Assessment

At Woodward Solicitors between Wigan and St. Helens, we offer a free case assessment to anyone who has a workplace injury. It costs nothing to come and see us, and if we establish that your claim has a reasonable chance of success, we will act for you on a no-win, no-fee basis.

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