Industrial Disease Solicitor

Now more than ever, employees are protected from workplace accidents. In large part, this is down to increased regulation. Nevertheless, nearly three-quarters of the working population still suffers from some form of pain, discomfort or illness as a result of their current or previous working environment.

Many more people are at risk of developing such ailments as a result of unsatisfactory working conditions.

In the past, poor working conditions and unsafe environments caused industrial diseases of all kinds. Because it can take many years for this type of injury to develop, many cases are only now coming to light. The passage of time also means industrial disease cases are sometimes more difficult to prove than other types of personal injury claims. This is because:

  • You may be retired or have moved jobs.
  • The business responsible for your condition may have closed down or sold.
  • Records may be difficult to locate.

Woodward Solicitors is a specialist personal injury firm between Wigan and St. Helens. As members of the Association of Personal Injury Solicitors (APIL), the national body of personal injury solicitors, our solicitors have the expertise and skills necessary to ensure that you get the compensation you deserve.

Types Of Claims

We handle a wide variety of industrial disease claims, including:

  • Industrial deafness — Sometimes loss of hearing occurs over a period of time and because it is gradual, it may be some time before you are aware that you have a hearing problem.
  • Tinnitus — Marked by a ringing in the ears and often resulting from working in a noisy workplace. A noisy environment is defined as a place where you have to shout to be heard over a distance of five feet.
  • Work-related limb disorders (WRLDs) — Including vibration white finger (VWF), "beat" or "bent" knee, repetitive strain injury (RSI) and hand/arm vibration syndrome
  • Lung disease and other disorders — Including claims for asbestos exposure and exposure to harmful chemicals

Free Assessment Of Your Industrial Disease Claim

We offer every client a free consultation. If our assessment is that your claim has reasonable prospects of success, we will be happy to pursue it on a no-win, no-fee basis: We'll do all the work and you will receive the compensation you deserve.

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