Whilst browsing online recently for a new mortgage deal I found a quotation that interested me.

"Britons spend more time planning holidays than mortgages."

It follows research recently commissioned by fool.co.uk - a personal finance website. The point being that over a third of us will spend at least 10 hours selecting our holiday but only a fifth of us would put the same time into choosing a mortgage.

I would suggest this is correct as my online search changed to "all inclusive package holiday to Egypt."

This led me to thinking:

"If that holiday resulted in illness or an accident, how long are we prepared to spend seeking information on our right to compensation?"

I would suggest that it may not go beyond a cursory Google search leading to one of the top ten search results.

Some may draft a letter to Thomas Cook complaining about the conditions and or illnesses. This may lead to a letter of apology or some travel vouchers. In my view, this is a win-win situation for the tour operator as they secure you as a repeat customer the following year.

Not to mention settle your claim for much less than it may be worth.

For the time spent enjoying your morning tea or coffee, you could contact us Woodward Solicitors to seek compensation for not only the illness you have suffered but other losses that the tour operator will not alert you to such as Loss of Enjoyment, Diminution, Loss of Earnings or Prescription Costs to name a few.

Interestingly, I have yet to find that new mortgage deal!

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